Bankruptcy Laws Exist to Protect You! 

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           Laws in the State of New Jersey.

Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

  • Automatic Stay: Immediate protection from collection activity

  • Protection of assets through exemption: You may keep your assets. 


Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy


  • Chapter 7: Results in the total amount of debt discharged

  • Chapter 13: Prevents mortgage foreclosures and repossessions.


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United States Courts:

About Bankruptcy


"Filing bankruptcy can help a person by discarding debt or making a plan to repay debts. A bankruptcy case normally begins when the debtor files a petition with the bankruptcy court. A petition may be filed by an individual, by spouses together, or by a corporation or other entity.   


All bankruptcy cases are handled in federal courts under rules outlined in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.


There are different types of bankruptcies, which are usually referred to by their chapter in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

  • Individuals may file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on the specifics of their situation.

  • Municipalities—cities, towns, villages, taxing districts, municipal utilities, and school districts may file under Chapter 9 to reorganize.

  • Businesses may file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 to liquidate or Chapter 11 to reorganize.

  • Chapter 12 provides debt relief to family, farmers and fishermen.

  • Bankruptcy filings that involve parties from more than one country are filed under Chapter 15."


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Remember: Bankruptcy laws exist to protect you and not to harm you. Our Team is here to make those laws work for you.

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